Who Took My Cheese?

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Choreography: Amir Kolben

Three famous Aesop’s Fables – The Crow and the Fox, The Ant and the Cricket, and The Lion and the Mouse, one block of cheese, and one large book are the ingredients of a playful and magical dance theater show that combines dance, theater, and music on the backdrop of a colorful and inspiring set. The show provides a glimpse into the magical world of fables and animals through the cheese hole!

The dance theater show Who Took my Cheese?  starts with a group of mischievous kids who come to the library to read, but very quickly grow bored and start goofing around.

The librarian tells them off and asks why they are acting in this way, to which they reply: “reading is boring!” Stunned by their reply, the librarian decides to teach them the magic of reading books and leaves the library. The children hear strange whispers… curious, they open the door to discover a big and strange book. This is the book of Aesop’s Fables from which, to their amazements, the author steps out.

This is the starting point from which the cheese travels from story to story, recounting the familiar stories with a special movement language that brings joy to children, parents, and the entire audience.

The show was translated into Arabic and performed before thousands of children in Arab speaking kindergartens and schools across Israel.

Play, adaptation, and directing: Sarit Mazon

Original score:  Rami Shuler

Set and costume design: Svetlana Lifschitz

Collaborating dancers (Original Cast): Ayelet Yakutiel, Hila Zohar, Chen Lesher, Britten Jackson, Sergey Shamota, Lior Tavori