The Silenced

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The choreography of Amir Kolben, performed by Kolben Dance Company, explores the explicit and hidden mechanisms that engender silence and silencing in different situations.

Like in many of his pieces, in this choreography Kolben interweaves the private and the collective, internal states of being and their external expression, in order to generate thought about social, cultural, and political considerations that drive us to keep silent and silence something in ourselves or in others.

Chorography: Amir Kolben

Costume design: Hagit Abir

Video art: Ido scherf

Lighting design:  Shay yehudai

Set and sound design: Amir Kolben

Music: Von Magnet, Balkan Beat Box, Franz Schubert, James Blake

Dancers/ Collaborators: Gaelle Van Lierde, Yael Cohen, Elinor Fuchs, Tamar Gutherz, Noam Horin, Regev Cohen, Arsen Imenov, Anton Yertsev, Illya Yertsev

Photography: Inbal Hemo