On The Edge

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Kolben Dance Company is invited, once more, to perform in one of the biggest theater festivals in Europe: Sibiu International Theater Festival.

The company will present there on 12.6.18  its successful production: On The Edge by the choreographer and artistic director, Amir Kolben.

Kolben will also lead a master class in the framework of the festival on 11.6.18 where he will share some of his artistic approach and experience.


On the Edge is a poetic and energetic journey that brings the audience closer, literally and metaphorically, to an embracing and kicking dance experience.

This piece is inspired by the experience of living on the edge. It moves on the threshold of internal and external tensions, while exploring the relationships between them. It is primarily based on the experience of living in Jerusalem, the city of peace – which never had one peaceful moment in its entire history.

Life on the edge – of which the 2011 social protests in Israel were a symptom – means living in the world as puppets on a string. Holding as best as we can to the illusion that we are the masters of our own fate, we ironically allow the real puppet masters to carry on, uninterrupted.

Life on the edge is life in a place where a cry for help is not heard, or worse, altogether ignored. Moments of tenderness, intimacy, and support are engulfed time after time by the waves of an all-out war.

Life on the edge means having to choose between being IN or OUT. Being IN means taking part in a zero-sum game, in which there are winners and losers. However, being OUT means giving up the game upfront.

And yet, On the Edge is also where we make endless attempts to reach out to the other, an anonymous other, who stands on the other side of the abyss that separates us. This tireless effort gives hope for the triumph of the real, warm, human desire.

Choreography: Amir Kolben

Lighting design: Shay Yehudai

Set and sound design: Amir Kolben

Music: Mercan Dede, The Tiger Lillies, Balkan Beat Box, Emir Kusturica, PJ Harvey, Dimitri Shostakovich, Charlie Chaplin, Khava Alberstein, Keren Ann

Dancers (original cast): Irit Amichai, Nitzan Bardichev, Regev Cohen, Tali Dunin, Or Elgarisi, Miguel Gracias Lopez, Daniel Maser, Erin Shand, Julie Zaoui