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An Optimistic Journey into The Depths of Memory

Memorandum was created on Kolben Dance Company’s 20th anniversary and is based on recollecting and reconstruction as creative processes. Memorandum is an archeological site of the body and the soul. As you continue to dig further in the site, you will discover more and more strata that disappeared over time beneath newer layers that were built over them. But the very act of excavating, which is full of hope and optimistic by its very nature, summons encounters that never existed between different strata, which now with the act of unearthing become a part of a new piece, with a wealth of unexpected associations that surprised even the creator of all these layers.

Amir Kolben:

“When my father passed away I was too young and thought that I will always remember. When my mother passed away I already knew that I won’t. Ever since then, I have been working day after day in my inner memory factory. This piece is dedicated to my mother, Chasia Kolben, who died prematurely, two weeks before celebrating her hundredth birthday.

Choreography: Amir Kolben

Collaborating dancers: Yael Cohen, Gaelle Van Lierde, Regev Cohen, Erin Shand, Shachar Dolinski, Elinor Fuchs, Tamar Guthertz, Noam Horin

Costume design: Hagit Abir

Lighting design: Shay Yehudai

Video design: Fika Magarik

Text: Yitzhak Laor, Amir Kolben

Set and sound design: Amir Kolben

Music: Philip Glass, Faith No More, Nick Cave, The Beatles, Alva Noto, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Tao Drummers of Japan, Henry Purcell, Zbigniew Preisner