On The Edge

Kolben Dance Company is invited, once more, to perform in one of the biggest theater festivals in Europe: Sibiu International Theater Festival. The company will present there on 12.6.18  its successful production: On The Edge by the choreographer and artistic director, Amir Kolben. Kolben will also lead a master class in the framework of the […]

The Silenced

The choreography of Amir Kolben, performed by Kolben Dance Company, explores the explicit and hidden mechanisms that engender silence and silencing in different situations. Like in many of his pieces, in this choreography Kolben interweaves the private and the collective, internal states of being and their external expression, in order to generate thought about social, […]


An Optimistic Journey into The Depths of Memory Memorandum was created on Kolben Dance Company’s 20th anniversary and is based on recollecting and reconstruction as creative processes. Memorandum is an archeological site of the body and the soul. As you continue to dig further in the site, you will discover more and more strata that […]

Who Took My Cheese?

Choreography: Amir Kolben Three famous Aesop’s Fables – The Crow and the Fox, The Ant and the Cricket, and The Lion and the Mouse, one block of cheese, and one large book are the ingredients of a playful and magical dance theater show that combines dance, theater, and music on the backdrop of a colorful and […]

Past shows

Truffles Choreography: Amir Kolben Truffles explores the theme of food – a subject that links the biological with the cultural and the satisfaction of a craving with social conditioning. In Truffles, a group of people, whose relationship is unclear, finds themselves at a formal dinner, where there is no host – only guests. Stories and […]