The dance school is run under the auspices of Kolben Dance Company, and offers its students the Kolben Dance Company experience. The classes are open to adults and teens who want to take part in the dance world in an experiential atmosphere that gives them personal attention, because we care about each and every student.

The school offers a variety of classes for all levels: contemporary and modern dance, classical ballet, hip hop, repertoire class, improvisation, and yoga – from beginners to advanced groups.

You can register for one or more weekly classes.

The school’s faculty includes the company’s dancers and professional teachers who studied at the dance academy and teaching programs – all of whom have professional training and extensive experience.

Wishing to bring the students closer to the world of artistic dance, the school’s students are offered reduced price tickets to the company’s performances, and active sessions with Kolben Dance Company.

Join us and step into the world of dance in classes that combine fun and personal development!

Address: Kolben Dance studio, Gerard Behar Center, 11 Bezalel Street, Jerusalem

  • Tzaphira Stern - manager

    Tzaphira Stern - manager

  • Megumi Kedem - Classic Ballet

    Megumi Kedem - Classic Ballet

  • Erin Shand - Contemporary dance and repertoire

    Erin Shand - Contemporary dance and repertoire

  • Yael Cohen - Classic Ballet, Contemporary dance and repertoire

    Yael Cohen - Classic Ballet, Contemporary dance and repertoire

  • Yael Hanegbi - Modern Dance

    Yael Hanegbi - Modern Dance

  • Anatoly Shenfeld - Modern Dance For Beginners

    Anatoly Shenfeld - Modern Dance For Beginners

  • Taylor Mcewing -  Hip Hop and Modern Jazz

    Taylor Mcewing - Hip Hop and Modern Jazz

  • Rotem More - Hip Hop

    Rotem More - Hip Hop

  • Nataly Dvir -  Contemporary Oriental Dance

    Nataly Dvir - Contemporary Oriental Dance

Registration on credit in the link:

You can register in the office office by check or cash.

Office hours: a – d at 17: 30-20: 30

Completion Policy: A lesson may be completed at a different rate during that month. There will be no more than 3 integrations.

There are no subscription extensions due to exclusions – except for medical or unusual cases.

price list:

Annual subscription fee: NIS 190 per month for a weekly weekly rate Early registration: 170 NIS per month

3 months subscription to a regular weekly lesson: NIS 640. Registration for students until 30/11/17 at 600 NIS

Registration for two weekly classes: 340 NIS per week

Registration for 3 regular lessons per week: 420 NIS

Free monthly subscription – everything is open! : 490 NIS

One-time rate: NIS 70. Offer in September only: 50 NIS for a single lesson, unlimited

Trial rate – up to two different lessons: 40 NIS


Kolben Dance School in collaboration with J Lions Open:

Hip hop group for youth

The group is designated for participation in concerts, competitions,

Designed for grades 7 and up

The Jay Lions band operates in the urban space of Jerusalem and combines elements from all the hip-hop culture: dance, music, DJs and street art.


Training days:

A 16: 30-18: 00

Thursday 17: 30-19: 00

First free trial on dates:

17/9 16: 30-18: 00

24/9 16: 30-18: 00

Teacher: Maor Abuhatsira, a hip-hop dancer and choreographer in the j lions group. He is a graduate of the professional dancers course at Omri Moshe, in the framework of the street arts culture.

More details and registration:

Maor 054-4876160

Kolben Dance Studio, 11 Bezalel St. Jerusalem