Kolben Dance Company meets people’s need for a stimulating, moving, thought provoking experience – of the kind that can make life a little bit more worth living.
Kolben Dance Company offers this experience with dance pieces that not only explore a particular theme and its possible implications, but also uses artistic roads less travelled. Paths that summon for the traveler, and for the viewer who accompanies him, the possibility to discover new lands. Walking in them requires courage, or temporary insanity, or both.
Kolben Dance Company dance pieces dare to be challenging. Like a miner who goes down to a precious stone mine and returns with buckets full of mud and stones, from which gemstones have to be picked out. The company considers it its responsibility to expose and present not only the precious stones, but also the process of unearthing them, the mud in which they were found, and the people without whom the work of art would not have existed: dancers as people and as collaborating creators. Since the dance piece is never what the chorographer sees in his mind’s eyes; it is always the singular constellation (setting?) that the dancers create each time anew.
Kolben Dance Company is based in Jerusalem, which for us is both Heavenly and Earthly. The city is our home and source of inspiration. At the same time, we stand shoulder to shoulder with those who fear for its continued existence as a multicultural city that keeps on changing and taking shape in an open and liberal contemporary spirit.

Amir Kolben is the founder of Kolben Dance Company, and has been its artistic director and choreographer since its inception. Kolben, whose choreography has been performed to

much acclaim in many theaters and festivals around the world, performed for many years as a dancer with Batsheva Dance Company as well as with the Israeli Ballet, the Opera Ballet in Freiburg, and in the United States. Kolben is one of the founders of Tamar Company – a landmark in the landscape of Israeli dance as the first fringe dance company in Israel – in which he co-founded the large school for contemporary dance in Ramla. Later, he served as the company’s artistic director. In 1996, Kolben founded Kombina Dance Company, which in 2006 became Kolben Dance Company.

Kolben is a senior lecturer at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and is currently the dean of the dance faculty.

His academic experience alongside his artistic talent, allow Kolben to successfully blend in his work a profound analytical and intellectual dimension with a powerful and moving artistic and emotional experience. His activity in the field of dance spans almost four decades, during which he has become one of the most recognized and acclaimed figures in contemporary Israeli dance.

  • Dafna Valdman - Administrative Director

    Dafna Valdman - Administrative Director

  • Dalia Yehudai - Customer manager and sales

    Dalia Yehudai - Customer manager and sales

  • Sandra Brown - Band and rehearsal Director

    Sandra Brown - Band and rehearsal Director

  • Tzaphira Stern - manage of Kolben school

    Tzaphira Stern - manage of Kolben school

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    נעם חורין

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    רגב כהן

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